The Team

The Godfather

Ashish Gupta is an alumnus of the prestigious Owner President Management program at the Harvard Business School, an ICWA topper, with an MBA from the University of Wales, United Kingdom. He has experience of running successful enterprises for over 25 years. Ashish took over the reins of Inliving in early 2012 with a view to building an integrated organization with world-class products in the Solid Wood Industry. Inliving is driven by his vision of redefining living spaces with high quality and durable solid wood furniture. “The aesthetics of furniture need to be complemented by high durability, low maintenance, and lower carbon footprint” is the credo he lives by.
With over two decades of experience in the Home Furnishing Industry, Ashish has successfully developed an influential supply base in India exporting to premium global customers across 84 countries.

The Intellectual

Mugdha‘s daily job role includes recruitment, performance appraisal, evaluating employees and ensuring that the company’s work culture continues to improve, grow and thrive throughout every aspect. Mugdha is a gold medalist with an MBA degree from U.P. Technical University. With an extensive 12 years of experience, she has worked for leading export houses handling their compliance, social audit, ISO/SA certification etc. Our star performer is also an expert in analyzing and carrying out training and development program in the company and strategic planning too. Mugdha feels that the company has given her an ability to think out of the box and making decisions on the basis of data analysis. Outside the office, Mugdha enjoys playing games with children and listening to imaginative stories.

The People’s Man

Somesh has been working in the manufacturing industry since 1997 specializing in handling the production to increase the efficiency in operation. His role in the company also requires communicating with the buyers and updating them the status of the product production plan. Somesh carries a ‘forever happy’ attitude and smoothly supervises the work of his subordinates.

The Perfectionist

As Head of Quality Controller, Suleman is responsible for driving outstanding quality management of the products across the brand. He also oversees the CAD drawings and suggests possible changes in creating new samples for delivering the right products. He specializes in communicating and sharing quality policies and objectives to supervisors, executives and other employees. Suleman uses his background in Textile Design and Quality Control and his experience with one of best export houses in the country such as Sharda Export and thorough grounding in wood making industry to deliver his best every day.

Bill Stark

Bill Stark, Presently acting as Head of Quality, Bill’s expertise lies in solving issues related to quality of the products. He is responsible to provide effective supervision of operations in quality assurance and ensure the quality policy maintained. Handling overseas clients, Bill is also trained in designing and implementing ongoing programs throughout the manufacturing cycle. In his past time, Bill loves birds watching and photographing them too!