Crafting wood since 1996
As passionate innovators, we at Inliving, engineer and craft durable, high quality furniture with a conscious effort towards sustaining the environment.

Akin to our fingerprints, each grain pattern in wood is unique and precious. Every piece of this living element holds within itself a slice of history, a sense of familiarity and warmth. With this natural material as our enduring partner, we explore and understand, and every experiment gives life to something beautiful, everlasting, and one with value. We are mindful of the virtues of the wood, the way it evolves over a passage of time, and how it responds to other organic elements. This knowledge deepens our love for wood and makes us particular of the way we craft it. Our products capture and celebrate the raw beauty of wood, which is further enhanced with artisanal accents, and the flair and finesse of craftsmanship that represents the legacy of India. All of these facets artfully layer to form our essence:

Consciously Engineered.


All the timber used in making our furniture is harvested ethically, from legal and environment friendly sources. Our care for the environment ensures that all the wood that goes into creating every piece of furniture is cultivated through sustainable forestry practices.

We realize the importance of maintaining harmony in the ecosystem and this is deeply ingrained in the fabric of our work culture and practices. We work diligently towards reduction of waste and recyclability of  products with our advanced machinery. We believe in giving back to nature and play an active role in planting trees, and preserving them.

Our ‘green’ culture and intelligent planning ensure minimum wastage and maximum preservation. We have passed all the compliances and are FSC and Sedex certified organisation.